Hoping for a hatch

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2 thoughts on “Hoping for a hatch

  1. I liked your story about falling into the river! I found your site link on fichigan.com.
    I am quite fortunate at avoiding full waders but both of my older brothers seem to have
    a knack for it! I have witnessed head first plunges from the bank, butt slides from the
    bank into overly deep water. Slow motion tip toe over the top, the classic sit down for
    no apperant reason. The downstream human bobber and of course the rocky mid-
    stream drunken stumble. I also like your scetches, I should do the same. If you would
    like to see Dave and I (Luther and Feral) catching a few trout, look up Ghost Brown Trout
    on UTUBE. Good fishing and keep writting….Feral

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