We Were Suspicious at First

We woke up Saturday morning and something had arrived. A feeling or presence. It hovered over all the houses while we ate breakfast. We were suspicious at first. We kept looking out our windows wondering, where did all the clouds go? Whatever it was, it wasn’t enough to melt the remaining snowbanks, but it turned them all wet and grainy. One by one, everyone went outside. Some people got out their bikes. Others just sat on the grass to read. My friend Heath went skiing up by Wellsville Peak and he said it was so warm up there he thought about lying down on a rock for a nap. A few of us went fishing. My neck got a little sunburnt. I heard one guy broke a sweat. The only thing left in town was an army of coats and jackets with no one in them. They had been thrown over chairbacks and left behind in cars as though they might never be needed again.

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2 thoughts on “We Were Suspicious at First

  1. I’m not sure where you guys live, but I live in South Dakota. We have been about 25 degrees above normal here all march. It feels like MAY! and you are right, we ARE suspicious. Hear allot of “well… probably still get a good snow before it’s all said and done.” etc. That said, getting out and getting all thawed out is SO NICE.

    • We’re out here in the Intermountain West, in the black heart of Zion — first to freeze up, last to thaw, seems like. This winter’s been kinda mild for us but spring is always welcome. Thanks for commenting.

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