Only One Suggestion

View of the Wellsville Mountains looking west from Cache Valley.When the Wellsville Mountains are covered in snow (as they are now), and when the sky is clear (as it has been lately), and when you view the scene from the east just at sunrise (as I often do), the snow takes on a definite rosy tone, and the spine of the range stands out boldly against the blue. It lasts for only a short time, starting when the sun sits high enough to shine over the mountaintops but low enough to keep the valley floor in shadow. During this period, killdeer cries and the dyspeptic honking of Canada geese may be heard in the pasturelands. Ten or fifteen minutes later, the sun clears the Bear River Range by a few degrees, and the day as most people know it begins. A photo can suggest the effect.

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4 thoughts on “Only One Suggestion

  1. paracaddis says:

    Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing.

  2. M. Cisneros says:

    Your photo does just that. A beautiful and serene shot paired with your writing makes me long for a mountain in my back yard.

  3. Thanks, Flygirl, and thanks for checking in.

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