Every Day In May

Every Day in MayEvery Day in May is a blogging throw-down to all fishing and outdoor bloggers, issued by How Small A Trout, A Fresh Start, and Memoirs of a Flygirl.

CHALLENGE: POST TO YOUR BLOG EVERY DAY IN MAY. Mayfly hatches, spring runoff, spawning fish, tulips, debauched May Day pagan rituals—blog it all. Blog to learn, blog to remember, blog to forget. Document May in images, words, quotes, links, whatever, wherever. We’re providing prompts for each day, but feel free to interpret, misinterpret, reject, or improvise on these themes. To accept the challenge and pass it on, reblog this kick-off post and graphic, then tag your May posts with “every day in May”. We’ll post a list of everyone who guts it out until June.

The prompts:

1. May Day
2. home waters
3. current
4. tying
5. fishing
6. praying
7. working
8. hatching
9. grinning and laughing
10. conservation
11. waders
12. something completely different
13. Mother’s Day
14. rod
15. line
16. leader
17. fly
18. fish, fish, fish
19. more fish
20. greenery
21. bugs
22. runoff
23. safety first
24. memory
25. shoreline
26. lessons learned
27. bucket list
28. news
29. inspiration/aspiration
30. fish philosophy
31. achievement

Don’t worry if you see this and May is already here; there are no late fees nor penalties for early withdrawal.

To all you who blog about other stuff like knitting or wine or fancy mice: feel free to copy this idea and do your own Every Day In May!

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25 thoughts on “Every Day In May

  1. Wow. Going for it. Look forward to what you come up with.

    • You should join us — you guys post good stuff almost every day anyhow!

      • We’ll try to keep up. Now that Brighton Resort is closed a lot of us are taking a few weeks off for some fun. Im sure it will be fishing.

        If your close enough to the Weber between Rockport and Echo the afternoon Caddis hatch has been amazing. You should hit it up. The flows are supper low right now so the fish are going wild.

  2. Pat Kellner says:

    I like this. I want to give it a shot, however I will he away from all civilization from May 5-10. I will write my posts on a note pad and take my pictures. I will post it all when I get back!

  3. agitatedangler says:

    Reblogged this on The Agitated Angler and commented:
    This is a really cool concept and I’m sure I won’t be able take all of these subjects on (time constraints and screaming children and all), but I bet it’ll be fun trying.
    Check it out if you haven’t yet!

  4. Marc Fauvet says:

    i’m all over this one, friends.
    this is a great idea, count me in !

    • Marc you’re actually one of the inspirations for the challenge — you’re so good at giving us something every day and you make it look so easy!

      • Marc Fauvet says:

        thanks Man, that warms the heart !
        like i wrote on my reblog, i average three posts a day so it’s really more in the hope of inspiring others because that’s what it’s all about ! so hats off from me on this great idea !
        i’ll be googling ‘every day in may’ every day to see what happens. : )

  5. Marc Fauvet says:

    Reblogged this on the limp cobra and commented:
    great idea, great little challenge !
    ok, the Cobra has an average of three posts a day but it’ll be fun to see if other bloggers pick up the pace and see what they come up with.
    if you think this is cool too, please reblog the original post from How Small A Trout and pass this on !

  6. […] come up with. if you think this is cool too, please reblog the original post from our friends at How Small A Trout and pass this on ! This entry was posted in announcements and tagged "every day in May", […]

  7. Scott says:

    Really like the idea! Came across it through Marc (like most things! 🙂 ) I’m in the middle of exams just now so it might be hectic but the idea is too good to pass on, my posts might be rubbish though!!

  8. […] right, please check out the topics/theme list and let the free flowing writing ideas move those fingers on the keyboard……. Please […]

    • Don’t forget, though, the prompts are just an aid — they’re to help you, no limit you! If your post doesn’t necessarily fit with that day’s prompt, just roll with it.

  9. […] Where mother nature meets man’s structures! What a gorgeous sunset this evening! This is a warm up for my photo blogging for every day in May […]

    • Wow. Striking pic. I kinda want to do the same thing you’re talking about — a photo taken on each day that says something about that day. Will be tough to do but it’ll be a cool series of posts.

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  11. […] 1st. The first topic of the Every Day in May Challenge. Such an assortment of thoughts cross through my mind and heart with this date. Some terrible, some […]


  13. […] the blog-o-verse a lot lately, looking for ideas and inspiration. Especially in the middle of this Every Day in May insanity—pretty sure I’m reading a lot more than writing and fishing put together. I look at the […]

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  16. […] 31st, 2012 · No Comments Well, I did manage to write something for every topic from this Every Day in May Challenge. Yes, I did miss one of the topics by a day (hey, I was busy fishing). I did have to delete one of […]

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