But Who’s Counting?

We’ve reached day twelve of the Every Day in May blogging challenge. I think now would be a good time to post this video of a dude running through the woods with no clothes on.

I may re-enact that video on June 1, in forward motion, but I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I view the Every Day in May challenge as something we have to grind through. Hopefully, we’re doing this for sensible reasons, such as finding new readers, connecting with other outdoor bloggers, and determining how many consecutive nights one can stay up past 1 a.m. without lasting psychological damage (five in a row for me and I’m having only occasional hallucinations).

Meantime, it’s great to see the many contemplative, serene, and even annoyed-but-nevertheless-dedicated posts (just playing, Tom). I’ve been digging AirborneAngler’s blog, attacking each prompt like a stretch of high ground in some counterinsurgency. Gary at SwittersB was the first to realize that posting about fishing every day would be exceedingly dull–he blogs such wide-ranging subject matter as contaminated kibble and high-tone commercial art, which I’m sure engages readers of all sorts instead of just fly nerds. Don’t forget–re-blogging counts as posting, too, as demonstrated by Miss M, who has re-blogged some very cool stuff. Outdoor writer and blogger Jeff Lund may or may not be an official Every Day in May participant, but for the past few days he has been posting articles he wrote for other media, some of which were honored with various awards, all of which are good reads. Under the heading of “can I get in on that?,” this French dude acknowledges he’s late to the party but promised the blog-o-verse he’ll post every day from now on.

Then, of course, there’s Marc. Marc, Marc, Marc. Marc had to promise to post less often to participate in Every Day in May. Marc is the skinny kid in my junior high school who would just shrug and grin when the gym teacher told us to run the track twenty times. I’m trying to keep up with him, but I’m pretty sure he’s lapped me a few times already.

I found a few bloggers outside the WordPress network who picked up the Every Day in May signal, including Texas Fly Fishing Adventures and The Fly Commission, both of which have fantastic photography and writing. And although this blog has really cool content and is tagging posts with “every day in May,” it has apparently little to do with fly fishing (which is totally cool–my wife was telling me just yesterday how she wishes I had little to do with fly fishing).

Here at How Small A Trout, we are discovering how much effort it takes to post meaningful content each day, and by that I mean it’s maybe not as hard as we thought it would be. Or maybe I’m hallucinating. In any case, our early posts are polished to within an inch of their lives; some of them went through two or three rounds of editing. No wonder we couldn’t post more than a few times a month! I still think those articles are good, and there’s a lot to be said for editing, but it’s cool to spin a short article without overthinking or overediting (neither of which are actual words, by the way). And while we are trying not to be overly concerned with our page-view counts (for reasons hinted at in an earlier post), we have gotten vastly more views, comments, and such by posting more frequently. (And while I’m at it, I stumbled across another blogger who is apparently lending serious contemplation to his blogging frequency.)

What I’m trying to say is it’s been a great learning experience so far, and we’re just a third the way done. I’m not ready to tear off my clothes and head into the woods, but I’ll let you know. Hope you’re finding time to fish and do the other stuff you love.

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12 thoughts on “But Who’s Counting?

  1. SwittersB says:

    Thanks for pointing the way to the others….I have wanting to discover other great reads as well…

  2. paracaddis says:

    Well done Chad, great job so far, I probably should have joined you in your challenge but then perhaps discretion was the better part of valour. Keep up the good work.

  3. Miss M says:

    It is for sure fun…and especially food for thought. This is fun….we will have to put up a new challenge in a few months….

  4. If by a “a few” you mean “eighteen,” then I’m in. Heh heh.

  5. The Nothing says:

    I’ve been curious how many others have been playing along this month… just haven’t done the search

    • There are about a dozen that I know of at WordPress and a 3 or 4 more outside WordPress — not very many individuals, but that’s a lot of posts, in any case. It’s hard to track because there are other “every day in May things going…

  6. The Nothing says:

    I’ve been curious how many others have been playing along this month; just haven’t given it a search…

  7. SwittersB says:

    excellent video…brightened my morning!

  8. stefherder says:

    Reblogged this on The Grand Tour and commented:
    Another great blog I discovered during this whole Every Day in May challenge. He even gave my blog a mention! Score! 🙂

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