Would You Rather Know or Not Know?

Today I helped a friend dig a hole in his back yard. When I finished, I found two e-mails from a buddy. One inviting me to go fishing with him, and this one:

Today I fished what I will now call the ‘really sucky place.’ I like this name because it hides the truth. I caught 10 this afternoon, several in the 16-17 inch range. I had on one rainbow for about 10 seconds that was well over 20 inches. He snapped my 4x like it was a piece of hair, and he wasn’t even the biggest fish I saw.

It doesn’t hold a lot of fish, but the ones that are there are very large and aggressive. Also, I didn’t see any sign of other anglers. No footprints in the sand or line in the trees. I don’t think many people know about this place. And, the fish were more than willing to take my nymph patterns. I tried fishing a dry for a while but there was nothing hatching and the fish weren’t rising. If we can catch a hatch, there is a very real possibility of hooking into a 20-incher on a Tenkara. If you would like me to show you the really sucky place I will, but you must swear to never tell anyone about it.

I won’t ever tell–hell, I’ll take a blood oath–under one condition: he needs to help me come up with better excuses for getting out of manual labor.

I know when most anglers hear stories like this, they’ll take it with a whole salt lick of salt. But I know this guy, and he doesn’t exaggerate. If anything, he undersells his ability and fishing reports. He included half a dozen photos–I’ll only show you this one. I’m doing this as a mercy, trust me.

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