We got a new kitten over the weekend. We named her Jonesy after the cat in “Alien.” The kids really love her. She’s playful and is not averse to being held and snuggled as many felines can be. Not sure how she’ll hold up if we’re ever trapped on a spaceship with a deadly alien, but I’m very excited as well. The light-colored fur under her neck and tummy is silky and fine, while the fur on her back and tail is darker, coarser, and somewhat prickly. This cat will be a perfect source of fresh, high-quality dubbing for years to come. When she passes on, God rest her kitty-soul, I hope the children don’t mind when I have her pelt tanned. I’m currently on the look-out for a cat of similar vintage in an olive shade.

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4 thoughts on “Purr-fecto

  1. cofisher49 says:

    I’m not a cat person. If I can distract my daughter long enough I would love to send you two live cats to with as you wish. But please, make their passing as painful as possible then tie away.

    • Ah, I kinda like all pet-type animals. Fish, birds, dogs, hamsters. Cats are probably my favorite, though. I like their attitude. But I’m serious about the dubbing — I think one of those new rubber pet brushes will be the ticket for collecting it. I may package it and market it.

  2. Marc Fauvet says:

    great one Chadd ! 😆

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