I Get To Go Back Up There

I’ve been working on a terrifically huge deadline all week–no time for writing thoughtful, penetrating blogs, let alone reading them, let alone fishing. Oddly enough, the deadline is June 1. Funny how that works.

Two summers ago, I wangled my way onto some private property down on the south end of the valley where there’s a creek that never gets fished. It was about like you’d expect–quiet, very pretty, lots of fish on dry flies. I wished I could stay there all summer. One afternoon, as my son Klaus and I fished up the pristine little stream, we saw a watersnake sliding over the cobbles with a tiny sculpin in its teeth.

When my deadline is done in a couple days, and when I’ve abandoned this foolish practice of blogging every day, I get to go back up there. I’m going to tie up some big gaudy dries and fish until it’s too dark to see. In fact, the thought of it has been keeping me going through 10-hour days, all through the long weekend, like a camel’s hump.

A couple days ago, I guess someone was checking out my Flickr page and they saw some photos of the place from that summer. Purely coincidence that they’d stumble across it at this time after I’d already laid my plan to get back there, but somehow, it was just what I needed. She liked the photos so much, she e-mailed me. Here’s what she said:

Can I just ask you how you accessed this place? By boat or could you walk from there? Would you mind emailing me your reply please? 🙂 at [e-mail address redacted].

This is just so beautiful; I really want to see it one day – I’m in Canada right now but I plan on coming back to the US in about 3 years and I HAVE to see this place!!

Thanks in advance! 🙂

No thanks necessary.

Every Day in May

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4 thoughts on “I Get To Go Back Up There

  1. Κωστής says:

    You remind me of myself… This is me! I love little streams that are never fished (or at least rarely fished). Even if the water is ankle deep. To be honest… especially if the water is ankle deep. Sight fishing at its best! This stream looks really similar to some of the streams in my country…

  2. Miss M says:

    DONE CHADD…. I think we should re-do challenge in winter time so there is time to share our summer fishing stories…. Thanks for putting this together, it was most fun. Thanks for including me in this as well.

    • Miss M — you may be onto something there with a winter challenge. I definitely have my doubts about doing this again next year. May isn’t for sitting at a #&!!$ computer. May is for getting out in the sun. You did a great job with your challenge — lots of good posts and stuff. Thanks for being in on it — if just one of us did it alone I think it woulda flopped. Good job everyone!

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