The Clown Fly

I don’t know if I have a particularly hard time seeing my flies on the water, or if it’s something everyone struggles with, but I plotted and pondered and came up with this: the most obnoxious fly I now tie.

It’s a Double Parachute Adams with purple dubbing. Because of the double parachute, it nearly always lands up on the water.  I’ve only used this fly a few times, and I’m not completely sold on it yet.  The plus side? It is visible. From space.

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8 thoughts on “The Clown Fly

  1. M says:

    I think this fly is awesome!!! I would need this too, is it complicated to tie?

    • If you have a decent rotary vise (which I don’t), it’s not too bad–especially if you’ve tied parachutes before. (It’s about twice as hard as a regular parachute adams, I guess). Good luck! Let me know if you need any more instructions.

      • M says:

        I do not have a rotary vice…. only have tied for a little over a year, but if you give me the recipe I can give it a try…

      • You can certainly do it without a rotary vise. The recipe: I’ve tied these on size 14 and 16 hooks. The tail is moose (but anything would do), the dubbing is purple, the posts are green and orange antron and I use grizzly hackles. Where the rotary vise comes in handy is when you make the posts, it’s nice to tilt the fly a little so that you can get the right angle for the v-posts. But it’s not absolutely necessary.

  2. I might be trying this one later tonight!

  3. ShesaManiYak says:

    At least now I know what that glow is I’m seeing in the sky over KY. It’s a reflection. Just kidding, I sometimes have trouble seeing the fly as well.

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