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When I Leave My Gear Home

Sometimes I have to leave my rod at home.  Sometimes it’s a necessity, and sometimes it’s because my wife makes me so I can show her and my daughter where I fish.   

When I do leave my gear home, I walk slower.   The desperation to catch fish seeps into the mud and clay next to the river.

And I notice the river more.  Well, not more, just differently.  I count water skitters  (or whatever it is you grew up calling them).

Today I sat next to a pool and watched bugs emerge and listened to my daughter babble.

I saw fish too.  They pointed their noses up river. They sunk to the bottom of deep pools.  They even rose for the handful of Blue-Wing Olives  I saw.  I tried to point out their little splashes to my wife.  She saw some of them, but not many.

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